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Super Titan Semi Trailer



Heil Farid Super Titan Semi Trailer REL is from the 'high volume', 'heavy duty' family of rear end loaders with a huge 40m³ volumetric capacity, designed and purpose built for the collection of trade, commercial and industrial wate streams in bulk volume. Suitable for connection to a two (2) or three (3) axle tractor unit with a fixed or sliding fith wheel coupling and 1200mm king pin position.

The Farid 40m³ 'heavy duty', rear end loading refuse compaction equipment is mounted on 3 axle semi-trailer unit. Tailgate is open back system with open wings to facilitate 'suitable' satellite vehicle docking & interface for waste transfer. Also available with skip arms and comb bin lift.

Waste Unloading
Unloading of waste is achieved by conventional tailgate and ejection plate system.

Auxillary engine

  • Fully housed at the front bulkhead with locking doors is the Deutz 914 L6 air cooled diesel engine.
  • Hydraulic control power pack with counter pressure system for all body compaction operation.
  • No requirement for PTO/Hydraulic "wet pack" on the tractor unit.

Key Benefits

  • Enables the transportation of large volumes of waste
  • 40m³ internal volumetric body capacity
  • Large 3.0m³ internal hopper capacity
  • Heavy duty construction for maximum durability and reliability
  • Open Back or Comb Bin Lift available
  • Ability to lift containers up to 16 Cubic Yards/5 Tonnes capacity
  • Full compaction ratio: 6:1
  • Suitable for satellite vehicle waste transfer (Bulking-up)
  • 3 axle semi-trailer, 44t GVW (with 3 axle tractor unit)

Technical Specification

  • 40m³ internal volumetric body capacity.
  • 3.0m³ internal hopper capacity.
  • Compaction ratio is 6:1
  • Unloading time - 280 seconds (approximately).
  • To operate at 44t GVW in UK (3 + 3 combination).
  • Semi-trailer coupling via 2 inch king pin, positioned 1200mm from the front bulkhead.
  • WVTA Certification
  • Body in rectacular 'ribbed section' sheet steel c/w tubular reinforcement with optional smooth side panel system available
Farid 40m³ Heavy Duty 3 Axle Semi-Trailer
  • Optional aluminium side panels of approximately 4.0m x 2.0m (to mount your logos) finished painted in white acrylic gloss paint.
  • Body leachate drainage points - one at front of body & one at rear in the hopper. The front body drain is connected to a leachate tank (see below).
  • Stainless steel leachate tank, full width, fitting inside the side under-run protection barriers. Tank is supplied with a ball drain valve and lockable stainless steel access door lockable with a padlock.
  • Heavy duty gasket sealing between tailgate and body faces, approximately 50mm-60mm wide and seal extended upwards to approximately 200mm from top of body.
  • Cats whiskers fitted to external carriage plate ram assemblies, (under the ram cover), to prevent leachate squeeze to the sides.
  • Small version body access door mounted on left hand side with a hand rail system for access to the body, lockable with padlock and key. Side access steps for safety access and egress to the body access door.
  • Wide tailgate wings for Satellite vehicle docking and interface.
  • Tailgate safety props/supports.
  • Parachute safety valves on the lifting tailgate cylinders.
  • Equipment working system pressure - 210 bar.
  • Hydraulic pump - vane type pump assembly.
  • Hydraulic oil tank with filtration system to EN1501-1 norms.
  • Electro-hydraulic system.
  • 24 volt Electrical system, in compliance with UNI EN1501-1 regulations, with standard ISO 12 pin semi-trailer electrical connection plug
  • 2 x push buttons for emergency stop on both sides of the hopper.
  • CCTV trear view camera with a monitor screen, (minimum size - 5 inches), mounted on the left hand side of the hopper in a protective box with an on/off switch. System must only be allowed to operate when auxillary engine is running and PTO engaged. This is fitted inside a lockable secure protection box to prevent theft of the monitor unit.
  • Remote control wander lead for discharging operation (tailgate and ejection plate), mounted on the left hand side.
  • Compaction system composed of an articulated single blade, carriage plate & packer plate.
  • Compaction system carriage plate hydraulic cylinders x 2 are positioned externally, outside of the tailgate walls, (out of contact with the waste stream being collected).
  • Compaction system packer plate moving hydraulic cylinders are positioned inside the hopper and loading door.
  • Compaction slide block runners and sections are located on two inclined guide channels located in the tailgate side walls.
  • Compaction system cycle electrically controlled for automatic compaction cycle - electrical control (single & continuous - see extended rear rave plate to 1500mm).
  • Compaction system cycle - manual control ion two phases (blade opening + ram descent and blade closing + ram upstroke).
  • Complete compaction cycle time is 26 seconds.
  • Ejection plate unloading / ejection of waste materials activated by hydraulic double acting cylinder ram.
  • Ejection plate is located and slides along horizontal guides / channels located in the body sides.
  • Ejection plate side guides are manufactured from heavy duty antifriction slide blocks.

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