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Heil Farid European Group Purchase Heil Europe

Heil Farid European Group Purchase Heil Europe to Extend Product Range and Service Provision to its Customers.

Heil Farid European Group, one of Europe’s fastest growing RCV and Tanker producers, is delighted to announce the purchase of the Heil Europe Business of Environmental Solutions Group. This acquisition, through Heil Farid European Group’s subsidiary Heil Farid UK Limited, will strengthen its position in the UK and across Europe, increase the product range and strengthen the service offered to customers.

Over recent years its carefully managed expansion in the UK and Europe has seen a huge rise in usage of Heil Farid waste management equipment – Heil Farid RCVs and Moro tankers.

Heil Farid has restructured its business operations in the UK and appointed where needed new management. It is now focused on providing the right mix of vehicles suited to customer need and providing after-sales service to complement the high quality of products offered.

Heil Europe manufactures a complete line of premium-quality refuse collection vehicles, universal lifts, and replacement parts for the European market at its plant in Hillend, Scotland. Their product line includes the European HalfPack™, BigBite™, TwinTrack™, Powerlink™, and Powertrak™. The sale includes Heil’s 9,000 square-metre manufacturing facility in Hillend, Scotland, rights to the use of the Heil brand for four years, and the use of intellectual property on the aforementioned products.

The purchase of Heil Europe will provide the opportunity to reinforce this even further and bring together key strengths in terms of manufacturing capacity, product range and product quality. In addition to an extended product range, customers will also have access to a much larger after sales service team dedicated to waste management vehicle products. This will serve to enhance the good working relationship many individuals have experienced with both Heil and Farid, combining the strengths of both organisations to deliver world class customer service to both the UK and Europe.

Heil Farid will continue to operate at both of its main UK sites, with manufacturing and assembly remaining in Hillend, Scotland. Farid’s base at Arundel, West Sussex will also remain providing the company with much improved UK coverage.

Marco Orecchia, CEO of Heil Farid European Group is looking forward to the benefits the acquisition will bring to both sets of customers. “Heil Farid and Heil recognise the importance of choice, value and the emphasis of high standards in terms of service and product quality coupled with the expectations of our customers in these areas. Customers of both Heil and Heil Farid can be assured of a seamless integration in all of these aspects. We pride ourselves on the fact that all our customers are considered as individuals
and this development will not dilute our commitment. On a personal note, I would like to add that this was the last major project in which Paolo Martinelli, our previous CEO of the Group, was involved. I am proud to have brought this to fruition”.

Heil Farid UK plans to continue to expand the product range and service levels available for the market both here in the UK and across Europe. Each brand has traditional users who have specific needs for their equipment’s. Heil and Heil Farid have developed products over the years with specific missions in mind.

Investment in these specific product missions will continue allowing Heil Farid UK to improve market penetration and increase its customer base Europe wide. Very shortly we will be announcing to the UK market our comprehensive range of integrated products in our portfolio – our customers will not be disappointed.

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